The word VERGEL means populated area of many trees, fruit and flowers. Finca El Vergel is 3.0 km south of Rivas on both sides of the Panamericana Sur highway was halved in 1945 during the 2nd World War when this route originated.

Entrada Finca El Vergel

In the IXX century belonged to the Martinez family Avilez and after the War Lola Avilez Tula and sisters, who sold it to his nephew in 1949 Dr. Julio C. Paez Avilez while I inherit his wife Graciela and then Vialez the children of both the Julio Carlos Paez Vialez brothers Marcos and the current owners.

Dr. Julio Cesar Paez Avilez

In the IXX century its main item was the production and Indigo (purple dye) , exported in the form of paste to Europe was highly demanded by those societies. In the twentieth century as the owner Dr. Paez became a thriving farm producing milk and beef.

Today the farm has small plots for production of vegetables and fruit, plus an area planted cocoa trees in the tropical dry forest, has different varieties of cocoa where organic seeds are removed for the production of exquisite LIQUOR COCOA DON JUAN, hand-crafted (in the process of industrialization ) by Don Julio C. Paez and Paez Caldera children who manage the company .

In addition much of the property is in a conservation process in the near future to make the agritourism project and a field shelter to all those who like to enjoy nature , biodiversity and tranquility .

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