Don juan Cacao Liquor

Don juan Cacao Liquor has a dark amber colour with a full bodied, delicate balance and finesse. as well as the smooth rich chocolate flovour, there are hints of caramel and dried fruits, ideal served on the rocks of for mixing the perfect cocktail.

cacao licor

What is cacao liquor?

Cacao liquor is unique in making liquor. It is distinguished by its marked sweetness, softness and to be an ideal complement to desserts and coffee. It is not difficult to prepare and, surely, you can entertain your guests as applicable to this traditional recipe of liquor.

The Drink

The liquor is produced in Rivas, Nicaragua, at the Hacienda "The garden" where there are five different varieties of cacao originating from that area to achieve a rich and complex mixture and thus produce the essence of the original flavor that has made Don juan Cacao Liquor Pleasure of the Gods.

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